Tahoe in Black & White - By Jim Hildinger

Tahoe in Black & White - By Jim Hildinger

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Accumulated during the last 30 years by long-time Tahoe resident, Jim Hildinger, Tahoe in Black & White represents a wide range of natural beauty and exquisite detail of every season in the beautiful Sierra Nevada area.


Views from some of the most frequented photographic locations, many taken in remote areas, and mountain peaks visited by only the most ambitious of mountain-climbers. Including Mt. Tallac, Fallen Leaf Lake, Emerald Bay, Maggie's Peak, to mention only a few of the beautiful artistic images.

Tahoe in Black and White truly captures the essence and detail of Tahoe's natural wonders!

  • Paperback
  • 128 Pages

Author: Jim Hildinger

Publisher: Tahoe Pots & Prints