Lake Tahoe & Tahoe Rim Trail Tahoe Recreation Topo Map

An essential for every visitor and resident in the Lake Tahoe area! This full-size, full-color map is made from a durable, pliable, waterproof plastic, so you can take it with you rain or shine. Covering the entire Tahoe basin, this map clearly marks trails of all kinds (hiking, biking, horseback riding), as well as campgrounds, picnic areas,alpine and cross-country ski areas, boat ramps, visitor centers, and much more. Includes such popular recreational areas as Meeks Bay, Spooner Lake, Emerald Bay, Fallen Leaf Lake, Echo Lakes, and Desolation Wilderness, to name just a few. The perfect companion for any adventure!

Tom Harrison Maps

Lake Tahoe & Tahoe Rim Trail Tahoe Recreation Topo Map : $10.95

Lake Tahoe & Tahoe Rim Trail - $10.95

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