Pet Waste Bag Dispenser

Respect the Blue, pick up your poo! Our pet waste bag dispenser makes it easy to clean up after your furry friend!  Animal waste contains harmful bacteria that can contaminate our drinking water and the Lake.  While it is very important to pick up after your pet on the beaches, it is just as important to do your part when walking your animals away from the Lake.  If you don't, harmful bacteria will be transported into the storm drains and then into our Lake and streams.

Dispenser easily attaches to leash or belt loop with carabiner.  Refillable compartment holds 20 biodegradable disposable waste bags. Fits most store-bought standard bag refills.

Product Dimensions: 1-3/4" diameter x 4-1/2"W.

Pet Waste Bag Dispenser: $6.00

Pet Waste Bag Dispenser - $6.00

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