Be Part of the Solution Glass Straws

Be part of the solution and say no to single use straws! Our sturdy straws are made of borosilicate glass often used for high-quality glasses and kitchenware (more commonly known as Pyrex). They are very durable and microwave and dishwasher safe with no lead. Sourced and silk screen printed in California by Mother Earth Straws

Safe for hot and cold drinks and sensitive teeth. 

Caution: If the straw is dropped, there is a possibility of chipping or breaking. If the straw chips or breaks, do not use the straw. Instead, contact Mother Earth Straws and they will do their best to repair or replace the straw. 

Purchase individually or with a protective sleeve

Regular - 8"

Smoothie - 8"

Be Part of the Solution Glass Straws: $10.00

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