Tahoe Beneath the Surface - By Scott Lankford

Tahoe Beneath the Surface - By Scott Lankford

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Lake Tahoe transformed America, and not just once but many times over--from the earliest Ice Age civilizations to the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe.

It even played a hidden role in the American conquest of California, the launch of the Republican Party, and the birth of John Steinbeck's first novel. Along the way, Lake Tahoe found the time to invent the ski industry, spark the sexual revolution, and win countless Academy Awards.

Despite the impact Lake Tahoe has had on America, environmental threats loom large, and Tahoe Blue--a term that Lankford uses to encompass the whole range of life, beauty, and meaning the lake represents--grows increasingly vulnerable.

In Tahoe beneath the Surface, human history and natural history combine in a most engaging way, one that will both inform and inspire all who would Keep Tahoe Blue.

  • Paperback
  • 267 Pages
  • Winner of 2010 ForeWord Book of the Year

Author: Scott Lankford

Publisher: Heyday